The Mediterranean Diet Route (Rota da Dieta Mediterrânica - RDM) is an initiative framed by the Plan for the Safeguard of Mediterranean Diet, developed by In-Loco Association and other members of the Regional Commission for the Mediterranean Diet (DM) and supported by the Operational Programme Algarve 21. It aims to qualify, to organize and to provide, to visitors and interested parties, a wide range of locations

and patrimonial assets where the identity traits of the Mediterranean Diet are highlighted and can be enjoyed with quality and depth. Throughout Algarve, discover the places where you can enjoy the most delicious food, meet craftsmen who combine materials of the past with arts of the present, visit sites of millenary heritage which exhibit the deep bond between local communities and the land, or taste local quality products representing the Mediterranean Diet, an ancient and healthy lifestyle. In any one of Algarve’s facilities displaying the Stamp of the Mediterranean Diet Route, the visitor will find grocery stores with the finest local products from land and sea, artisan’s shops where ancient materials and techniques are recovered with a modern twist, sites and monuments where one can learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean, and restaurants where the Mediterranean Diet can be fully enjoyed. Share this millenary form of culture, art, food and healthy lifestyle tagged by social interaction and hospitality, even if it is for a brief moment.